December 10 Supper

7.30pm at pacific crepes, downtown,
It has been reserved for 12, so we'll do a headcount after discussion on wednesday.
As usual, drivers should give rides from front of KITP at 7.10pm.

December 3

Dinner will be at Something's Fishy (Japanese US style / Teppanyaki grill), 500 State Street (corner to Haley Street), downtown Santa Barabara map. Sign up below if you are coming, and say if you need a ride to and from.
  1. Claudia
  2. Gian-Marco (I would appreciate a ride to and from, otherwise I can take the bus)
  3. Alexander & Frida (we have a car and can take 2 people)
  4. kai ming ho (party of 2, we would appreciate a ride)
  5. Phil Allen (can get there by bus; will take a ride to Fishy if there are enough cars)
  6. Rex (will cycle)
  7. Oleg Pankratov (can give a ride)
  8. Carsten (has a car)
  9. Christian needs a ride from and to IV